Bill Cosby-

William (Bill) Henry Cosby July 12, 1937 - (still alive)

Bill Cosby


Comedian and actor, Bill Cosby became very well known from the hit series, The Cosby Show, about the life of a middle- upper-class black family who has to defeat the everyday endeavors of a common family house hold. The character that Cosby plays has actually overcome the accomplishment of becoming a successful lawyer, and his wife on the show has become a doctor. To get to these professions, they both have had to attend a large amount of schooling, from grade school all the way up to graduate school in order to get their degrees. Since both of the parents have excellent jobs, it has actually made the black family middle-upper class, showing that blacks can be educated and take care of themselves. Although The Cosby Show may just seem like a regular show, it is important of the portrayal of ethnic groups in the media because it is the first television show that has shown blacks in a typical middle-upper class family life, without making any racial comments or jokes as part of the script.
Bill Cosby went around to different schools over America to talk about what it says in the media about blacks, and what can be done to change the statements and stereotypes. Although Cosby is worried that the media is portraying African Americans in a negative way, he feels that if the behavior of them does not improve, then what it says in the media won't either. Cosby is discouraged with what is going on in the lives of young African Americans today, and feels like something needs to be done to change it.

“I travel the country and see these patterns in every community—stories of 12 year old children killed in the cross fire between knuckleheads selling drugs, the 14 year olds with a sealed envelope as their first step into the criminal justice system, the young males who become fathers and not held responsible, the young women having children and moving back in with their mothers and grandmothers, and the young people who choose not to learn standard English.”
- Bill Cosby

This is how Cosby explains what he sees and hears when he travels around America, preaching for a better life of African Americans. Although this does not have a direct connection with media portrayal of ethnic groups, Cosby is frustrated because non whites will look at him, and assume that he has done what many of the young African Americans are doing now. He is a perfect example of why not all stereotypes and what it says in the media is true for everyone. This is why The Cosby Show was such an important show to finally become known to the public, so others can see that African Americans can have a stable and loving household.