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Breaking Color Barriers In Sports By Matt, Paul, and Joey

The hatred between blacks and whites has been going on for a very long time and, although it has died down a lot, we still have to face the fact that people are still racist. At first African-Americans were slaves and had no rights at all. Over the years, there have been many great people that have worked to get African-Americans freedom and as equal to white America as they can get. One of the things that has been discriminated over the years is professional sports. For a long time, a lot of sports had Negro Leagues. Negro Leagues were created so that blacks could play the sports they want, but the white men didn't have to play with them. There have been many blacks that have broken this color barrier over the years and this has made this nation truly equal. Discriminating against people in sports just because of their race was definitely a big civil rights issue because everyone, no matter what your race, gender, or religion, should be able to do what they enjoy. If someone wants to play a sport, they should be chosen for their skills, not their physical characteristics.

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