Crazy Horse (1849- 1877)


Crazy Horse's real name was Tashunca Uitco, and he was best known for his bravery and ferocity in battle, he was also recognized in his tribe as an emotional leader who did his best to preserve the Lakota way of life. Even as a young man he was known for his bravery in battle, he stole horses from the neighboring Crow tribe as a boy and he led his first war party at the age of 20. As a man, he played a key role in war against white settlers in Wyoming, this war was led by Red Cloud, the chief of the Oglala tribe. He also was a major part in the fight against the brigade at Fort Kerny. Like I said before, Crazy Horse did not only lead his followers in battle but he was a spiritual leader as well, he did not let anyone take his photo and fought whites that tried to destroy or relocate his tribe homes or beliefs.
When the US Government ordered all of the Sioux tribe to a reservation, Crazy Horse led the resistance against it. He made an army of over 1,200 warriors from his and another tribe and fought back at the US troops who tried to force them to reservations. He also fought with Sitting bull and Gall, important members of the Sioux tribe, at the Battle of Little Bighorn. When Sitting Bull and Gall retreated to Canada from the US army, Crazy Horse stayed and kept on fighting. His army was defeated but he wasn't, he left his reservation without authorization and he was ordered to be arrested. He fought and struggled through his arrest and in the process his was killed with a bayonet.