Although Title 9 has changed more then we can imagine, there are still many problems between men and women today. Before Title 9 women mostly participated in just cheerleading and square-dancing; it has changed drastically since then, but still some men do not want women involved in sports because it would require more money, and teams could potentially be cut. Today Title 9 does allow sports teams to be separated by gender, but financial problems are still a big deal. It was said that one dollar is spent on athletics in divisions one and two; men get 65 cents and women only get 35 cents. It is a violation of Title 9 when mens games are later at night (such as 7:00) and womens games are earlier on in the day (such as 4:00.) This is so because more people can attend the later games instead of the earlier ones. Sometimes men get things at the end of the season which women sometimes do get that can be a violation. It also can be a violation of Title 9 when cheerleaders only preform for men sports, since they are a public services they must do the same for women. Parents have gone to court before because Office of Civil Rights have not effective, OCR does not enforce Title 9 so people have to go to court to have their daughters treated equaly, but not everyone can afford to do this.