Effects and Benefits of Title 9

Title 9 has had some major benefits on women in the United States. Title 9 is a positive component of women's academic aspirations and achievements. If women are playing sports these women have more favorable academic outcomes, better grades, fewer disciplinary referrals, lower rates of skipping school dropout and increase desire to got to college and commitment of going to school. Women will also more likely experience academic success and are more likely to graduate from high school. Women who self-selected their sports are also the women who tend to have better grades in high school and are more prepared and are able to do well in the long run. Female athletes are expressing interests in graduating from college. Studies taken from 22,696 high school students in 1,052 schools female and male athletes have higher grades and higher school dreams and less discipline problems. Sports significantly lowered the drop-out rate in high school for white females in the suburban and rural school areas. High school girls who play sports are morel likely to do well in science and this is having positive effects on more and more women becoming interested in the area of math and science. Physical activity boost brain function and improves women's moods and otherwise increases learning in school. Overall, Title 9, even though it has impacted the playing field the most, it has had a chain reaction in the aspect that these athletes are now performing well in school.
The effect of Title 9 have effects, not only women competing in the college and university level, but in high school and middle school as well. It has made girls, want to compete in a level of competition, that they had never thought possible. It has had many positive effects on women, not only with there self-esteem, but their future. Women who are having this much physical activity are less prone to diseases that can cause complications later on it life. Title 9, has had a huge effect not only on the playing field, but in the classroom. Girls who are given the opportunity, are more likely to graduate. They are showing higher levels of interest in 1994 women received 38% of all medical degrees, 43% of law degrees and 44% of all doctoral degree compared to in 1972 with 9% (medical), 7% (law and medical) degrees. These women are more likely to have academic success and graduate for high school. They are giving positive effects of women in the area of math and science as more and more women are becoming interested in the topic. Overall, Title 9 has brought out the true side of women, determination, strengh, courage and most of all there true love of the game.