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Native American Civil Rights---

Throughout the history of the US, Native Americans have been pushed, killed, cheated, prejudged, confined and misunderstood just because of their difference in looks, beliefs and customs compared to white European settlers, and through time, Americans. Although they were the first people in North America, ever since whites came from Europe, they were treated like disgraces and savages of humans. As more people came into America, the Natives were pushed and confined into extra space like those old boxes of clothes in your attic that you can't seem to get rid of. The Natives were often given raw deals because, prior to when the whites came, they had no real sense of ownership. The whites took advantage of this and sold them small amounts of poor land for large amounts of rich land. When the Native Americans caught on to what was happening to their land and how they were being treated, they pushed back. This resulted in many conflicts between the white Americans and Native Americans, although the Native Americans came out on top in some of these conflicts, they always seemed to receive a raw deal somehow. So hopefully our page can help explain why the Native American's civil rights have been violated through the governments use of force to destroy and relocate their original lives, it will show the most important tribes, people, court case, events and quotes that made the Native Americans struggle what it was and is.
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