Governor Frederick Plaisted

Mayor Frederick W. Plaisted of Augusta, the Governor-elect, was born in Bangor, Me., July 26, 1865. He was the son of Harris M. Plaisted, the last Democratic Governor the State has had. Besides being a Mayor, he served as a Kennebec County Sheriff and was an editor of two newspapers. Frederick was elected Governor of Maine in January of 1911. During his term Frederick Plaisted kept reinforcing that Maine's future will be great as long as they had water power, railroads, and the importance of the timberlands and the fishing industry. Six months after being elected Plaisted decided to visit Phippsburg, the home of a fishing community. During this time period, there was a movement called the Eugenics Movement, it was when the country feared that immigrants would destroy the dominant culture in the world. July 1, 1912 was when Frederick Plaisted ordered for the eviction of Malaga Island. Some reporters said that the reason that Plaisted forced everyone out of the island was because of the Eugenics Movement. During the eviction, he booted all of the people out of the island, buildings were torn down and re-located, graves were dug up and re-located at The School for the Feeble Minded, and even houses were rafted down rivers to other islands and towns.